Consultant/OCIO Searches

Investment consultants and outsourced chief investment officers (OCIOs) play a key role in managing an institutional investment program. Boards and committees, however, often lack the time, experience, and expertise to evaluate their investment consultants/OCIOs or to conduct effective searches for such advisors. That is where Cortex can help. As a natural extension of our governance advisory services, Cortex helps clients:

  • Evaluate their current consultant(s)/OCIO
  • Identify the consulting model that best meets their needs
    (e.g. discretionary versus non-discretionary) and
  • Run an effective and efficient search for a consultant/OCIO, and monitor the advisor over time.

Running Effective Searches

Cortex can assist in any or all aspects of an investment consultant/OCIO search, from defining the scope of services and drafting an RFP to analyzing proposals and participating in finalist interviews, and every step in between. Clients may utilize as much or as little of Cortex’s experience and expertise as they wish, reflecting their budgets, needs, and preferences.

By working with Cortex, clients can:

  • Make more informed decisions regarding their investment consultant/OCIO
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders that the search process was conducted in a highly rigorous and independent manner and
  • Save countless hours of staff and committee member time which can then be focused on the day-to-day governance and management of the fund.

To learn more about how Cortex can help, contact us.