Fiduciary Education

One of the most valuable things boards and committees can do to help them carry out their fiduciary duties is undergo high quality, relevant fiduciary education.

It can, however, be difficult to identify appropriate educational programs, given the countless programs that exist — many of which are highly technical or marketing-oriented. Equally difficult is scheduling such programs, given board and committee members’ busy schedules. 

To help boards and committees obtain the training they need in a convenient and cost-effective manner, Cortex has developed education workshops specifically geared to pension and/or investment boards and committees that can be delivered on-site. Given our background in governance consulting, we have designed our educational materials to reflect the unique governance responsibilities of boards and investment committees.

Cortex offers three core education workshops, each of which can be tailored to be one to four hours in duration:

  • Governance and board/committee effectiveness
  • Investment management basics and
  • Portfolio risk management.

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